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Re: [Xen-devel] intel g965 + wine questions

spooq wrote:
Also, this chance of working only refers to source-code compatibility,
not binary kernel module compatibility, correct? Not a problem in this
case, of course, but it would affect NVidia drivers. I've been
assuming that I would have to use the Intel chipset to get a
moderately powerful 3d chip, but if I could put in say, a 7900GTX in
instead, that would be fantastic! I saw a page talking about
compatibility with NVidia drivers, but I thought the author meant he
was running the driver in dom0 and using software rendering in domU.

I've been trying to run X from domU. For what it's worth all the
success I've had with graphics drivers (and there's been plenty with
only a single card :) has been with standard bits out of Debian,
I've not built anything at all from source.
I was giving domU direct PCI access to the graphics devices and with
a slight tweak to the allowed memory (change a xen file in dom0)
X worked happily.

(I'm aiming at having several domUs each with their own video card
 and input and copy of X - other things have taken priority here
 at the moment though :()

Julian Davison
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