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Re: [Xen-devel] [LINUX]*back_init: should return -ENODEV if not privileged?

> Is there any reason to actually setup/init net/block back if the
> domain is not privileged?

In the old days we didn't bother doing this, but since the introduction of 
grant tables it is possible, in principle, for an unpriv domain to be a 

I guess there are no terribly solid reasons why you'd want to do that, but it 
could be useful for e.g. disaggregating functionality into multiple domains 
(some sort of software RAID domain, for instance), or Keir's virtual network 
bridge example (you could construct a virtual DMZ quite straightforwardly)

Actually, even if the domain has PCI access, I didn't think it was 
strictly "privileged" anymore?  If that's the case, then we also need 
net/block back to run in the case of driver domains.


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