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Re: [Xen-devel] CPU Fatal trap when killing a domU that has more than 4G

On 12/10/06 13:21, "Guillaume Thouvenin" <guillaume.thouvenin@xxxxxxxx>

>  On my computer there is a CPU Fatal trap each time I create and
> shutdown (or reboot) a non privilege domain with 4096Mo or more. With
> less than 4Go everything works fine.
>  I'm using Xen version 3.0.3-rc3 from xen-3.0.3-testing.hg (latest
> ChangeSet: Tue Oct 10 21:05:50 2006 +0100 11740:64b3e8596dc9)
>  The computer is an Intel Xeon (x86_64) with 8 processors (dual core +
> HT thus Xen sees 32 procs). I have 28Go of RAM.

That's a nicely-spec'ed box. Can you please attach the xen-syms file to the
bugzilla report? Then I can disassemble the offending code and have a guess
at what's going on.

 -- Keir

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