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[Xen-devel] Re: initrd change breaks binary compatibility

John Levon wrote:
This change in 3.0.3-testing-rc3:

changeset:   11728:30f13007be3f
user:        kfraser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
date:        Mon Oct 09 13:50:00 2006 +0100
files:       tools/libxc/xc_linux_build.c
[XEND] No need to decompress the initrd when building a domain.

breaks binary compatibility. In particular, it breaks Solaris, which
expects both grub and xen to uncompress the initrd for us. And it does
seem odd to differ from grub's behaviour needlessly.

I don't know what causes the broken Linux initrd's that the commit
message refers to, but it seems they need to be fixed another way.

I suspect that we're actually broken here. I think the way we determine the uncompressed size (by reading the last couple bytes) is not something that can, in generally, be safely relied upon.

We could work around this by decompressing the initrd and dynamically expanding the buffer we're decompressing to as needed.


Anthony Liguori


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