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Re: [Xen-devel] Linux Traffic Shaping broken in 3.0.3rc1 ?

On 9/10/06 17:18, "Keir Fraser" <Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As for save/restore of domains with non-dom0 backends. That's pushing the
> envelope somewhat and might require some changes to our tools. But at the
> very least it shouldn't leave zombies hanging around. I'll give your setup a
> test and see what can be done.

Actually, you cannot save/restore backend domains at all, even when they are
not actually configured to access real hardware. We should give a better
error message about that, of course. ;-)

The zombie xendom2 will exist until xendom1 is destroyed, for sure. This is
because xendom1 holds onto some xendom2 resources. *But* does xendom2
continue to exist as a zombie even after you forcibly 'xm destroy' xendom1?
That would definitely be a bug we want to fix.

 -- Keir

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