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[Xen-ia64-devel] IPF/Xen VTI domain testing report for Xen 3.0.3 RC2

Hi all,

We have done simply IPF/Xen functional testing towards Xen 3.0.3 RC2 
(Changeset 11686:f426f6e646eb from xen-3.0.3-testing tree). The result is 
good. Totally 16 cases are all pass.

Testing environments:
Platform: Tiger4
Processor: Itanium 2 Processor
Logic Processors number: 8 (2 processors with Due Core)
PAL version: 8.15
Scheduler: credit
Service OS: RHEL4u3
Guest OS: RHEL4u3/Windows 2003

Detailed cases information:
        Two_VTI_Coexist        pass     
        VTI_Without_vif          pass     
        One_VTI                pass     
        One_XenU              pass     
        VTI_LTP                pass     
        VTI+XenU_Coexist       pass     
        Two_XenU_Coexist       pass   
        One_VTI_4096M         pass     
        VTI_Network             pass     
        XenU_Network           pass     
        One_SMP_XenU         pass     
        One_SMP_VTI           pass     
        VTI_Kernel_Build         pass     
        Four_VTI_Coexist        pass     
        VTI_Windows            pass     
        Windows+VTI+xenU_Coexit  pass   

Best Regards,
Yongkang (Kangkang) 永康

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