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[Xen-devel] Dual opteron PIT timing problem?

I have a dual Opteron 250: 2 socket, single core.. HP xw9300
workstation. It is having the problem described here:


Even non-SMP, while I don't get the "Time went backwards!" messages, I
still get funky timing.. cursors flash way too fast, time runs 2-6x
faster then it should, keyboard repeat rate is off, etc. 

This happens with 3.0.2 and 3.0.3-testing.

My speculation is that this motherboard does -not- seem to have an HPET
timer, and the PIT timer Xen falls back to does not seem to work

This is a modern NVIDIA chipset server motherboard that may (or may not)
need the acpi_skip_timer_override parameter.  

When I boot a real (native) kernel, it uses the PM Timer...but even when
I force it to use the PIT ('nopmtimer' kernel option) it still doesn't
exhibit the weird timing behavior shown when running a xen kernel.

Are the any other things I could try? I've tried all sorts of
combinations of [no]apic, [no]smp, [no]tsc, [no]lapic, [no]apm, etc.. Is
anyone running an SMP xen system without an HPET timer?  


John Clemens           Revive Systems, www.revivesystems.com

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