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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xm reboot/shutdown/sysrq to HVM domain

> This patch enhances 'xm reboot'/'xm shutdown' commands to
> reboot/shutdown guest Linux on HVM domain as gracefully as para-Linux.
> In addtion, sysrq key signal can be sent to HVM domain by 'xm sysrq'
> command.
Thanks, that's really useful.  I have a couple of comments about the
patch, though:

-- It looks like you had some problems with ctrl_alt_del(), and instead
   used kill_proc(cad_pid, SIGINT, 1).  What was the reason for this?   

-- You've introduced a lot of #ifdefs into reboot.c.  It might be
   easier to just split the file in two; did you look at this at all?

-- You set reboot_module from within a xenbus transaction.  I don't
   think that's necessary, since xenbus_writes are supposed to be
   atomic anyway.

-- Because of the way mkbuildtree works, you're going to create
   symlinks from unmodified-drivers to all of the files in
   linux-2.6-xen-sparse/drivers/core, rather than just to reboot.c.
   It's a trivial aesthetic issue, but it'd be nice not to create lots
   of useless symlinks.

Apart from that, it looks pretty reasonable.


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