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Re: [Xen-devel] USB split driver

I forgot...

Signed-off-by: Harry Butterworth <butterwo@xxxxxxxxxx>

The problem with the webcam turned out to be that the required driver is
not in the mainline Linux tree---the webcam worked under native only
because ubuntu ships the extra driver.

So the patch attached to the parent is good AFAIK.  It could do with
being tested with a wider range of USB devices than I possess.  Owing to
the way it hooks into the Linux USB stack, there are likely to be a few
more commands that need to be emulated in the BE to get specific devices
working.  The Linux USB folks were talking about allowing drivers to
bind to devices rather than interfaces which would make things cleaner.

On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 22:22 +0100, Harry Butterworth wrote:
> I tried to get my webcam working today and the isoc URB path had a bug
> in it which caused all isoc URBs to fail back.  This hammered the new
> error recovery code and exposed a couple of bugs which I've fixed in
> this latest version of the patch.
> I fixed the bug in the handling of isoc URBs and implemented emulation
> of the set_interface command in the BE.
> The webcam is now discovered but camorama can't connect to it.  None of
> the URBs seem to be failing so I'll have to compare with the behaviour
> under native Linux to see what the difference is.
> Aside from the webcam, all of my other USB devices are now working with
> this version of the patch.
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