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Re: [Xen-devel] Insane contiguous physical memory requirements in blkbk/blktap

On 5/10/06 16:38, "Aron Griffis" <aron@xxxxxx> wrote:

>> But is there any need at all for these pages to be contiguous?
> I've been looking at the exact same question, but don't know the
> answer.  If you come up with a patch before I do, I'd be thrilled to
> test it.

This is easily fixable. Anywhere we use the virtual address to compute an
offset into a state structure, we can instead store the appropriate 'slot
index' in a spare field in the appropriate 'struct page'. That'll get rid of
any arithmetic on the virtual addresses that depends on them being
contiguous. Then the drivers can simply grab a bag of order-0 allocations.
That really only leaves the question of how much of this can be put in a
helper function (probably in balloon driver again) for use of all our

 -- Keir

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