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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH,RFC 0/17] 32-on-64 work progress

>>> Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@xxxxxxx> 05.10.06 11:41 >>>
>Jan Beulich wrote:
>> In an attempt to get some feedback on the ways I'm currently implementing
>> this, I'm sending the set of patches as I currently have them. These permit
>> a 32-bit PAE Linux dom0 kernel to come up on a 64-bit hypervisor, but
>> progress only goes this far currently (very early during invocation of the
>> first user mode code page table permissions aren't set correctly yet, making
>> Xen kill the guest).
>Patches don't apply for me, which changeset these patches are based on?

11690. They may depend on a few changes posted earlier (and not in the
tree, yet), and I also didn't specifically check whether they would conflict
with any of the few changes I always do right away after snapshotting
the tree. There shouldn't be many conflicts, though. I didn't do that
because the intention was mainly to have people look at the conceptual
aspects, since, as I pointed out, things don't fully work, yet (though for
the problem mentioned yesterday I already know the fix, I just wasn't
able to implement this so far as I was given a higher priority job for today).


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