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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][Take 3] Sysfs Interface for balloon driver

Hi, John

The final patch ('kibi_bytes' representation) is made by following reason.

Anyone may be wavered in judgment that which is the character 'b' 'bytes' or 
'bit' ,
and similarly does the character 'k' 1000 or 1024.
Many people will be judged rightly by some reason, for example,
'b' is bytes because corresponding memory or 'k' means 1024 of using within 

However, as explaining at the previous mail,
in general, 'b' and 'B' is used for representation bits and bytes, respectively.
Similarly, 'k' and 'K' indicate 1000 and 1024m respectively.
(In IEC, the latter is used the character 'Ki' (called kibi, kilobinary))

Therefore, in this time, it will be right to use the character 'KB' ('KiB').
But, your saying, the rest of sysfs is in lowercase.
(In actual, the 'kb' is also used under /sys/block)
Therefore, they occur contradiction.

I think that its cause is to abbreviate, and no problems if not abbreviate.
So, in this time, I use 'kibi_bytes'.
In actual, the 'bytes' is used under /sys/class/net.
(This reason may be that only 'B' is not much to look at.)
I think that it is important for everyone to can understand right immediately
more than to abbreviate (the character is a few or only a certain person is 

Satoshi UCHIDA

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> On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 09:15:04AM +0900, Satoshi Uchida wrote:
> > I modified units (filename) in the patch.
> All seems a bit unnecessary (too wordy). Can you explain 
> what's wrong with "foo_kb" as more than one person has suggested?
> thanks
> john

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