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[Xen-devel] [PATCH]: Fix blktap disks used with bootloader

For some slightly-crazy reason the blktap patches changed the name
of the SEXPR block containing the disk definition 'vbd' to 'tap', even 
though merely changing the 'uname' fragement was sufficient. eg 

 (vbd (backend 0) (dev hda:disk) (uname file:/xen/rhel4x86_64.img) (mode w) )

changes to

 (tap (backend 0) (dev hda:disk) (uname tap:aio:/xen/rhel4x86_64.img) (mode w) )

If you create a domain with xm, then xm runs pygrub client side which works 
fine. If you create a domain by feeding a block of SEXPR to Xend over its
network port, then pygrub is run server side. The code in XenD which decides 
which disk to run pygrub against only looks for 'device/vbd' in the SEXPR so
fails to see any blktap disks. The attached patch fixes this

  Signed-off-by: Daniel P. Berrange <berrange@xxxxxxxxxx>

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