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Re: [Xen-devel] Installing a guest from a iso

It's been a while since I installed a guest and I'm having trouble booting from a cd iso. My config to boot from a CD is from before the new QEMU was introduced. Has the syntax of this changed? Here is what I have in my config to boot from a CD iso file I have
on my dom0 root.

# Disk image for
cdrom = '/boot/RHEL4U2-64b.boot.iso'

Yeah, it changed back in August, see:


or if you cannot view the archives: "Cdrom drives are now configured like disks by adding a :cdrom suffix to the target device (i.e.'file:/root/mytest.iso,hdc:cdrom,r'). Thereis no default cdrom drive any longer, to create an empty cdrom drive, use ',hdc:cdrom,r'. Any of the 4 ide devices can be cdrom drives now."



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