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Re: [Xen-devel] PV drivers for HVM guests

>>> Steven Smith <sos22-xen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 10/04/06 6:24 AM >>> 
>> These differences can be dealt with in a couple of different ways:
>> 1) Modify the code in the PV drivers under appropriate compilation
>> switches to deal with the differences in the base kernels.
>> 2) Introduce a compatibility component that bridges the gap between
>> the current PV code and a given Linux target and leave much of the
>> PV driver code untouched.
>How much code is actually required in this abstraction layer?

Not a whole lot. The shim layer I currently have is about 80 lines (about 40 
lines in a header file and about 40 lines in a c file). Along with this I have 
a few ifdefs in the PV driver code to deal with non-existent header files and 
non-existent fields in data structures such as struct bus_type, struct device 


K. Y

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