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RE: [Xen-devel] Kernel BUGatarch/x86_64/mm/../../i386/mm/hypervisor.c:197

Am Mittwoch, den 04.10.2006, 14:08 +0100 schrieb Ian Pratt:

> > When running on 4GB of total memory instead of 12GB, 
> > everything is just fine. (the three virtual machines, Dom0 + 
> > 2 x DomU are assigned 1GB of memory each, in both test runs). 
> > Does that help?
> Is this with the kernel and xen from -unstabele/3.0.3?


> Have you changed the config?

The XEN and CPU config options are identical to the configs that come as
defaults. Just a lot of devices drivers are not compiled in.

> What storage device do you have? What NIC? 

The hard disks are attached to two 3Ware/AMCC SATA storage controllers
(9550SXU-8L), the NIC is an intel PRO/1000.

When crashing the system, I am not involving the NIC, just traffic on
the internal bridge.

> Are you setting mem=4096M on the Xen command line? If you removed DIMMs
> to get 4GB in the machine some of the memory willl still be mapped above
> 4GB.

Yes, I removed the DIMMs. I'm just testing with 8GB. Should I try
limiting the memory with mem as well?

> It seems hard to imagine this is a lurking 4GB issue (especially on
> x86_64 rather tha PAE).

Yes, possibly. We will also test some BIOS options related to memory.
I'll give you feedback if we figure something out.

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