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Re: [Xen-devel] Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11686

Hi Ed, 

At 16:05 -0400 on 03 Oct (1159891531), Ed Smith wrote:
> - NEW: Domain crash running ltp "mtest01 -p80" on 32bit SMP
>   HVM guest and then XEN locked up requiring a hard reset:
>   domain_crash_sync called from private.h:495 (failure.8)
> - XEN crash running ltp "mtest01 -p80" on 32bit SMP HVM guest:
>   BUG at multi.c:2967 from sh_page_fault__shadow_3_guest_3 (failure.3)

We're having some difficulty reproducing these failures.  Are you
running full ltp tests or just the mtest01 binary?  Are you running
anything else in the VM at the time?  How often do the failures occur?
Was there a difference between the tests which caused the two failures
or did they happen on different runs of the same test?



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