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RE: [Xen-devel] NUMA support on Xen ?

> I wanted to know what is the current support for NUMA on Xen ? 
> Does it support the IBM x440 and AMD64 Opteron ? 
> Also, does the Xen scheduler do NUMA aware scheduling so it 
> does not degrade the VM performace ?

There are NUMA memory allocator patches, but the scheduler is currently
unaware of NUMA topology (though you can set things up manually using

I suspect that for most users of small NUMA systems just spraying the VM
data across nodes is the best way forward unless the user sets things up

The key scheduler extension we need at the moment is something that
deals with the case where there are fewer runnable VCPUs than physical
CPUS, and tries to ensure that they are spread appart across sockets and
cores. i.e. don't run them on two hyperthreads of the same core unless
you have to.

> My group is currently looking into Scheduling policies for 
> NUMA systems for multiple VMs.
> Let me know if its already done in Xen.
> Thanks,
> Deepti Chheda
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