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Re: [Xen-devel] PV drivers for HVM guests

On 4/10/06 9:15 am, "Muli Ben-Yehuda" <muli@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> A shim layer (i.e., a set of compat macros) that avoids ifdef'ing
>> the core driver code is definitely the way to go.
> FWIW, neither option has a chance of being accepted upstream. For
> upstream acceptance (assuming that it is a goal - it should be,
> otherwise you forever chase the latest kernel API change, multiplied
> by the number of different distro kernel trees you support) just write
> the latest version of the driver to the latest kernel version. But I
> suspect you already know this :-)

The versions in the upstream patches get cleaned up as necessary for
acceptance. Yes, our aim is to get all the code support needed for PV-on-HVM
drivers out of the external unmodified_drivers directory and properly into
the Linux tree so that they can be built in-tree either for a PV kernel or a
native kernel. Then the unmodified_drivers directory will contain only some
build-system magic to make it easier to build drivers out-of-tree.

 -- Keir

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