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[Xen-devel] xenbus_transaction_end() and EAGAIN

I've just observed some very odd behaviour in our (essentially identical
to Linux's) xen_shutdown_handler():

xm save johnlev /var/tmp/img
xen_shutdown_handler: "suspend"
xen_shutdown_handler: ""

The first is the watch asking us to suspend. Then we get an EAGAIN and
loop around to try again, but this time the node is rewritten to be "",
as we requested via xenbus_write(). As far as I can see it shouldn't be
possible for our xenbus_write("") to have succeeded as part of the
failed transaction. Is it possible the EAGAIN is coming from the higher
levels somehow, rather than do_transaction_end() ?

Unfortunately I didn't have tracing on and have only ever reproduced
this once, so can't provide any more detail.


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