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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] add timeouts to mini-os

Ok, I've looked through the patch.

It's simple enough. Everything seems to work fine (after recompilation).

Keir could you apply the patch to unstable.

On 2 Oct 2006, at 09:02, Robert Kaiser wrote:

Hi Gregor

Am Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2006 20:38 schrieb Grzegorz Milos:
Hi Robert,

Having timeout timers in MiniOS would be very useful indeed (I had a
few people asking about that already).

Timers in Xen and Linux are a bit different then your implementation
for MiniOS (inspect xen/common/timer.c and <linux>/kernel/timer.c for
more detail). The way that Linux/Xen handles timers is slightly more
flexible, however the functionality that you could put in Mini-OS
timer handler is very limited (you can only wake up a thread/set of
threads really).

Which functionalities would you like to see that are currently missing?

I think we can therefore stick to this solution for
now. I'll have a look through the code tomorrow, and let you know if
I have any comments.


(There are few shortcomings of my implementation that I'm well aware of myself. For instance, I think it would be more efficient to unlink blocked threads from the ready queue and keep the ones with pending timeouts in a "timeout" queue, sorted by ascending expiry date. That way, it wouldn't be necessary to walk the entire ready queue all the time to see if any timeouts have expired: it would suffice to just look at the head of the timeout queue.
However, my goal was to keep things simple and to not change more than
absolutely necessary.)




On 1 Oct 2006, at 00:18, Robert Kaiser (FH) wrote:
Hi Gregor,

attached is a patch to mini-os. It removes the debug print of
current time
(which didnt work anyway) and adds support for timed sleeps. The
code now has a thread which is activated periodically (once every
second) by
means of the new sleep function and prints out the current time, so
program now actually does what the README says. The idle thread now
blocks as
long as necessary (i.e. until the nearest timeout expires) instead
if the
fixed 10 seconds as before.

Please review it and consider for inclusion.



Robert Kaiser

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Am Pfaffenstein 14 / D-55270 Klein-Winternheim / Germany
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