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[Xen-devel] Re: [XenPPC] [PATCH 0/6][TOOLS][XM-TEST] [v2] Update xm-test to support new architectures

Keir, I whole heartedly ACK these patches.
If you plan to wait until the flood gates open again, then please advise and we'll integrate into xenppc-unstable and deal with the merge later.

On Oct 2, 2006, at 3:57 AM, Tony Breeds wrote:

Hi All,
        These patches update the xm-test code to be more easily portable
to new architecture. This focus of this endeavor is PPC but I believe
that IA64 also benefits.

Patch summary:

 1: Instead of using a dated snapshot (which no longer exists)
    use buildroot-snapshot.
 2: Remove hardcoded references to i386.
 3: Rename configs/buildroot -> configs/buildroot-i386
    and update Makefiles.
 5: Update .hgignore to remove noise from the initrd building process
 5: Refactor the XmTestLib and XmTestReport code to encapsulate all
    platform variations in one place.
 6: FYI: Add powerpc definitions.
This patch is for the XenPPC tree but included here for comments and

With these patches applied I'm still able to build an initrd and run the
xm-test on x86 with no regressions.

Updated to address feedback from Jimi Xenidis.
Feedback appreciated.

Signed-off-by: Tony Breeds <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 .hgignore                                       |    9
 tools/xm-test/lib/XmTestLib/XenDomain.py        |   73 ---
 tools/xm-test/lib/XmTestLib/arch.py             |  128 ++++++
 tools/xm-test/lib/XmTestReport/OSReport.py      |   10
 tools/xm-test/lib/XmTestReport/arch.py          |   48 ++
 tools/xm-test/ramdisk/Makefile.am               |   11
tools/xm-test/ramdisk/configs/buildroot | 330 --------------- tools/xm-test/ramdisk/configs/buildroot-i386 | 330 ++++++++++++ +++ tools/xm-test/ramdisk/configs/buildroot-powerpc | 334 ++++++++++++ ++++
 9 files changed, 872 insertions(+), 401 deletions(-)

Yours Tony

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   Jan 15-20 2007      The Australian Linux Technical Conference!

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