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[Xen-devel] Block-attach doesn't attach sdx device

Hi all, my name is Hidetoshi Nishi.

I work for Fujitsu, and this is first time to send mail.

I test the block-attach/detach command using the latest change-set

I found the problem probably.

My operation for the test is following.

1. Domain VTx config file is defined only hdx device, no sdx device case,

   - I create DVx domain.
   - I attach USB disk to domain0.
   - I check the new sdx device(attached USB disk) using "ls -l /dev/sd*  
     " in domain0.
   - I attach /dev/sdb to VTx using "xm block-attach 1 phy:/dev/sdb sdb   
   - The comand seems like nomal end, but /dev/sdb device not show up in
     domain VTx.
   - And block-list display the new device.
   - I detach the new device using "xm block-detach 1 xxxx".
   - But I can't delete the new devie from block-list.
2. Domain VTx config file is defined only sdx device, no hdx device case,

   This case, I'm successful to attach the USB disk to Domain VTx using   
   "xm block-attach 1 phy:/dev/sdb hdb rw".
   And block-detach is also successful to detach the device.
Is this a problem or my operation is no good ?

Thank you                                     Nishi


 Development Dept. 5  Division 1

 Hidetoshi Nishi


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