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Re: [Xen-devel] Licensing conflict with OpenAFS kernel module

Sidney Cammeresi wrote:
I recently upgraded two Xen domU instances from to 2.6.16.
Because I am running the OpenAFS client on each of them, I took the
opportunity to upgrade that (from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1) which required building
a new kernel module.  (The AFS client is partly in userspace and partly
in the kernel.)

Loading the new module failed:

                openafs: Unknown symbol force_evtchn_callback
                openafs: Unknown symbol xen_features

I think you should urge OpenAFS to relicense their module under the GPL.


Anthony Liguori

Upon inspecting the kernel source, I observed that these functions are
EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL.  Unfortunately, OpenAFS is licensed under the IBM
Public License, which means that the OpenAFS client will no longer run
on Xen.

This is mostly just an FYI.  I solved my problem by editing the source and
changing OpenAFS's MODULE_LICENSE to GPL, but obviously OpenAFS cannot
distribute that change, so OpenAFS on Xen remains broken for now.

Hopefully I won't get any letters from DMCA enforcement lawyers telling
me I'm running software illegally....

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