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[Xen-devel] [linux test] 8413: regressions - FAIL

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Subject: [Xen-devel] [linux test] 8413: regressions - FAIL
From: xen.org <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 14:00:14 +0100
Cc: ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Delivery-date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 06:02:57 -0700
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flight 8413 linux real [real]

Regressions :-(

Tests which did not succeed and are blocking:
 test-amd64-i386-rhel6hvm-amd  5 xen-boot                   fail REGR. vs. 8178
 test-amd64-amd64-pv           3 host-install(3)              broken   in 8404

Tests which are failing intermittently (not blocking):
 test-amd64-i386-xl-credit2    5 xen-boot                     fail pass in 8404
 test-amd64-i386-xl            5 xen-boot                     fail pass in 8404
 test-amd64-amd64-win          5 xen-boot                     fail pass in 8397
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-win       5 xen-boot                     fail pass in 8404
 test-amd64-i386-xl-win-vcpus1  5 xen-boot                    fail pass in 8404
 test-amd64-i386-win           5 xen-boot                     fail pass in 8404
 test-amd64-amd64-pv           5 xen-boot                     fail pass in 8397
 test-amd64-i386-pv            5 xen-boot             fail in 8404 pass in 8413
 test-i386-i386-win            5 xen-boot             fail in 8404 pass in 8413
 test-amd64-i386-win-vcpus1    5 xen-boot             fail in 8404 pass in 8413
 test-i386-i386-xl-win         5 xen-boot             fail in 8404 pass in 8413

Tests which did not succeed, but are not blocking,
including regressions (tests previously passed) regarded as allowable:
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-pcipt-intel  9 guest-start                 fail never pass
 test-amd64-i386-rhel6hvm-intel  9 guest-start.2                fail never pass
 test-i386-i386-win           16 leak-check/check             fail   never pass
 test-amd64-i386-win-vcpus1   16 leak-check/check             fail   never pass
 test-i386-i386-xl-win        13 guest-stop                   fail   never pass
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-win      13 guest-stop             fail in 8404 never pass
 test-amd64-i386-xl-win-vcpus1 13 guest-stop            fail in 8404 never pass
 test-amd64-i386-win          16 leak-check/check       fail in 8404 never pass
 test-amd64-amd64-win         16 leak-check/check       fail in 8397 never pass

version targeted for testing:
 linux                ada3f6a1ba43e163aab95c7808f11b88fc7c79e6
baseline version:
 linux                25266338a41470a21e9b3974445be09e0640dda7

People who touched revisions under test:

 build-amd64                                                  pass    
 build-i386                                                   pass    
 build-amd64-pvops                                            pass    
 build-i386-pvops                                             pass    
 test-amd64-amd64-xl                                          pass    
 test-amd64-i386-xl                                           fail    
 test-i386-i386-xl                                            pass    
 test-amd64-i386-rhel6hvm-amd                                 fail    
 test-amd64-i386-xl-credit2                                   fail    
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-pcipt-intel                              fail    
 test-amd64-i386-rhel6hvm-intel                               fail    
 test-amd64-i386-xl-multivcpu                                 pass    
 test-amd64-amd64-pair                                        pass    
 test-amd64-i386-pair                                         pass    
 test-i386-i386-pair                                          pass    
 test-amd64-amd64-pv                                          fail    
 test-amd64-i386-pv                                           pass    
 test-i386-i386-pv                                            pass    
 test-amd64-i386-win-vcpus1                                   fail    
 test-amd64-i386-xl-win-vcpus1                                fail    
 test-amd64-amd64-win                                         fail    
 test-amd64-i386-win                                          fail    
 test-i386-i386-win                                           fail    
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-win                                      fail    
 test-i386-i386-xl-win                                        fail    

sg-report-flight on woking.cam.xci-test.com
logs: /home/xc_osstest/logs
images: /home/xc_osstest/images

Logs, config files, etc. are available at

Test harness code can be found at

Not pushing.

commit ada3f6a1ba43e163aab95c7808f11b88fc7c79e6
Merge: 2526633... 3481be7...
Author: Jeremy Fitzhardinge <jeremy.fitzhardinge@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon Aug 8 14:36:12 2011 -0700

    Merge commit 'v2.6.32.44' into xen/next-2.6.32
    * commit 'v2.6.32.44': (55 commits)
      atm: [br2684] allow routed mode operation again
      perf: overflow/perf_count_sw_cpu_clock crashes recent kernels
      dm: fix idr leak on module removal
      dm mpath: fix potential NULL pointer in feature arg processing
      ALSA: sound/core/pcm_compat.c: adjust array index
      proc: restrict access to /proc/PID/io
      alpha: fix several security issues
      tunnels: fix netns vs proto registration ordering
      netns xfrm: fixup xfrm6_tunnel error propagation
      gre: fix netns vs proto registration ordering
      cifs: check for NULL session password
      cifs: fix NULL pointer dereference in cifs_find_smb_ses
      cifs: clean up cifs_find_smb_ses (try #2)
      Revert "block: rescan partitions on invalidated devices on -ENOMEDIA too"
      x86: HPET: Chose a paranoid safe value for the ETIME check
      x86: Hpet: Avoid the comparator readback penalty
      powerpc/pseries/hvconsole: Fix dropped console output
      EHCI: fix direction handling for interrupt data toggles
      EHCI: only power off port if over-current is active

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