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[Xen-changelog] Applied Robb Roman's patches to upstream.

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Subject: [Xen-changelog] Applied Robb Roman's patches to upstream.
From: Xen patchbot -unstable <patchbot-unstable@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 05:32:08 +0000
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# HG changeset patch
# User kmself@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
# Node ID dcfeb9e234d16bc0729fcb4b0e402bb68e9712c3
# Parent  57d5f6c9b9ef3a8a15315e933e64b00923487305
Applied Robb Roman's patches to upstream.

diff -r 57d5f6c9b9ef -r dcfeb9e234d1 docs/src/user.tex
--- a/docs/src/user.tex Fri Dec  2 21:29:26 2005
+++ b/docs/src/user.tex Fri Dec  2 21:50:08 2005
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
diff -r 57d5f6c9b9ef -r dcfeb9e234d1 docs/src/user/installation.tex
--- a/docs/src/user/installation.tex    Fri Dec  2 21:29:26 2005
+++ b/docs/src/user/installation.tex    Fri Dec  2 21:50:08 2005
@@ -35,10 +35,9 @@
 Once you have satisfied these prerequisites, you can now install either
 a binary or source distribution of Xen.
 \section{Installing from Binary Tarball}
-Pre-built tarballs are available for download from the Xen download
+Pre-built tarballs are available for download from the XenSource downloads
 \begin{quote} {\tt http://www.xensource.com/downloads/}
@@ -53,7 +52,22 @@
 Once you've installed the binaries you need to configure your system as
 described in Section~\ref{s:configure}.
+\section{Installing from RPMs}
+Pre-built RPMs are available for download from the XenSource downloads
+\begin{quote} {\tt http://www.xensource.com/downloads/}
+Once you've downloaded the RPMs, you typically install them via the RPM 
+# rpm -ivh \emph{rpmname}
+See the instructions and the Release Notes for each RPM set referenced at:
+  \begin{quote}
+    {\tt http://www.xensource.com/downloads/}.
+  \end{quote}
 \section{Installing from Source}
 This section describes how to obtain, build and install Xen from source.
@@ -88,9 +102,9 @@
 % \item[\path{tools/}] Xen node controller daemon (Xend), command line
 %   tools, control libraries
 % \item[\path{xen/}] The Xen VMM.
+% \item[\path{buildconfigs/}] Build configuration files
 % \item[\path{linux-*-xen-sparse/}] Xen support for Linux.
-% \item[\path{linux-*-patches/}] Experimental patches for Linux.
-% \item[\path{netbsd-*-xen-sparse/}] Xen support for NetBSD.
+% \item[\path{patches/}] Experimental patches for Linux.
 % \item[\path{docs/}] Various documentation files for users and
 %   developers.
 % \item[\path{extras/}] Bonus extras.
@@ -221,7 +235,7 @@
 %% Files in \path{install/boot/} include:
 %% \begin{itemize}
-%% \item \path{install/boot/xen-2.0.gz} Link to the Xen 'kernel'
+%% \item \path{install/boot/xen-3.0.gz} Link to the Xen 3.0 'kernel'
 %% \item \path{install/boot/vmlinuz-2.6-xen0} Link to domain 0
 %%   XenLinux kernel
 %% \item \path{install/boot/vmlinuz-2.6-xenU} Link to unprivileged
@@ -287,9 +301,11 @@
 existing menu options from \path{menu.lst}, as you may wish to boot your
 old Linux kernel in future, particularly if you have problems.
+%% KMS: Additional configurations as an Appendix?
 \subsection{Serial Console (optional)}
-%% kernel /boot/xen-2.0.gz dom0_mem=131072 com1=115200,8n1
+%% kernel /boot/xen-3.0.gz dom0_mem=131072 com1=115200,8n1
 %% module /boot/vmlinuz-2.6-xen0 root=/dev/sda4 ro
 In order to configure Xen serial console output, it is necessary to add
@@ -311,9 +327,9 @@
 \begin{quote} {\small {\tt c:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty ttyS0}}
-and you should be able to log in. To successfully log in as root over
-the serial line will require adding \path{ttyS0} to
-\path{/etc/securetty} if it is not already there.
+run \path{init q} to force init to re-examine \path{/etc/inittab}, and
+you should be able to log in.  Add \path{ttyS0} to \path{/etc/securetty}
+to allow root logins over serial console, if it is not already there.
 \subsection{TLS Libraries}
diff -r 57d5f6c9b9ef -r dcfeb9e234d1 docs/src/user/start_addl_dom.tex
--- a/docs/src/user/start_addl_dom.tex  Fri Dec  2 21:29:26 2005
+++ b/docs/src/user/start_addl_dom.tex  Fri Dec  2 21:50:08 2005
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 \chapter{Starting Additional Domains}
 The first step in creating a new domain is to prepare a root
-filesystem for it to boot from.  Typically, this might be stored in a
+filesystem for it to boot.  Typically, this might be stored in a
 normal partition, an LVM or other volume manager partition, a disk
 file or on an NFS server.  A simple way to do this is simply to boot
 from your standard OS install CD and install the distribution into
@@ -11,6 +11,10 @@
   \verb!# xend start!
+%% KMS: If we're going to use '# cmd' syntax we should be consistent
+%% about it and have a conventions section noting that '#' == root
+%% prompt.
 If you wish the daemon to start automatically, see the instructions in
 Section~\ref{s:xend}. Once the daemon is running, you can use the
@@ -70,11 +74,21 @@
 You may also want to edit the {\bf vif} variable in order to choose
 the MAC address of the virtual ethernet interface yourself.  For
+%% KMS:  We should indicate "safe" ranges to use.
 \verb_vif = ['mac=00:06:AA:F6:BB:B3']_
 If you do not set this variable, \xend\ will automatically generate a
-random MAC address from an unused range.
+random MAC address from the range 00:16:3E:xx:xx:xx.  Generated MACs are
+not tested for possible collisions, however likelihood of this is low at
+\begin{math} 1:2^{48}.\end{math}  XenSource Inc.  gives permission for
+anyone to use addresses randomly allocated from this range for use by
+their Xen domains.
+For a list of IEEE
+assigned MAC organizationally unique identifiers (OUI), see \newline
+{\tt http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/oui.txt}
 \section{Booting the Domain}

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