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[Xen-bugs] [Bug 1372] New: stubdom based guest hangs at starting when us

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Subject: [Xen-bugs] [Bug 1372] New: stubdom based guest hangs at starting when using qcow image.
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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 07:18:24 -0700
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           Summary: stubdom based guest hangs at starting when using qcow
           Product: Xen
           Version: unstable
          Platform: Other
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: major
          Priority: P1
         Component: Unspecified
        AssignedTo: xen-bugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        ReportedBy: haicheng.li@xxxxxxxxx

Service Arch (ia32/ia32e/IA64): RHEL5.1
Guest OS Type (Linux/Windows):Fedora Core 6 ia32e
Change Set: 18533
Hardware: SantaRosa

Bug detailed description:
when set the disk configuration section to tap:qcow:<qcow-file>, guest hangs at

Reproduce steps:
1. build the xen with stubdom supporting;
2. prepare the qcow file;
3. prepare the configurations file both .hvm and -dm file;
4. xm cr <your hvm config file>

Current result:
the guest hangs at starting; if we use file type, it can boot normally.

Expected result:
guest can boot normally with qcow file;

Basic root-causing log:
# xm dmesg

[root@vt-sa3 shuang]# xm dmesg
(XEN) HVM91: HVM Loader
(XEN) HVM91: Detected Xen v3.4-unstable
(XEN) HVM91: CPU speed is 2000 MHz
(XEN) HVM91: Multiprocessor initialisation:
(XEN) HVM91:  - CPU0 ... 36-bit phys ... fixed MTRRs ... var MTRRs ... done.
(XEN) HVM91: Writing SMBIOS tables ...
(XEN) HVM91: Loading ROMBIOS ...
(XEN) HVM91: 9004 bytes of ROMBIOS high-memory extensions:
(XEN) HVM91:   Relocating to 0xfff8c00-0xfffaf2c ... done

#  xm creation output information

Using config file "/etc/xen/fc6-dm".
Xen Minimal OS!
start_info:   0x527000
  nr_pages:   8192  shared_inf: 4e407000
  pt_base:    0x52a000  mod_start:  0x0
  mod_len:    0
  flags:      0x0
  cmd_line:    -d 91
  stack:      0x4d64a0-0x4f64a0
MM: Init
  _text:        0x0
  _etext:       0xda55d
  _erodata:     0x11d000
  _edata:       0x12c7a4
  stack start:  0x4d64a0
  _end:         0x516db0
  start_pfn:    534
  max_pfn:      2000
Mapping memory range 0x800000 - 0x2000000
setting 0x0-0x11d000 readonly
skipped 0x1000
MM: Initialise page allocator for 540000(540000)-2000000(2000000)
MM: done
Demand map pfns at 2001000-2002001000.
Heap resides at 2002002000-4002002000.
Initialising timer interface
Initialising console ... done.
gnttab_table mapped at 0x2001000.
Initialising scheduler
Thread "Idle": pointer: 0x2002002010, stack: 0x560000
Initialising xenbus
Thread "xenstore": pointer: 0x20020027c0, stack: 0x570000
Dummy main: start_info=0x4f65a0
Thread "main": pointer: 0x2002002f70, stack: 0x580000
[main] Waiting for network.
************************ NETFRONT for device/vif/0 **********

net TX ring size 256
net RX ring size 256
backend at /local/domain/0/backend/vif/92/0
mac is 00:16:3e:7f:24:4c
[main] IP 0 netmask 0 gateway 0.
[main] TCP/IP bringup begins.
Thread "tcpip_thread": pointer: 0x2002005cb0, stack: 0x690000
[tcpip_thread] TCP/IP bringup ends.
[main] Network is ready.
Initing FS fronend(s).
FS export [dom=0, id=0] found
Initialising FS fortend to backend dom 0
Allocating request array for import 0, nr_entries = 128.
Our own id is 92
No backend available.
dom vm is at /vm/001bac96-28f4-e93d-a021-8a5b0445d206
"main" "-d" "91" "-domain-name" "fc6" "-nographic" "-vcpus" "1" "-boot" "c"
"-acpi" "-net" 

"nic,vlan=1,macaddr=aa:00:00:12:23:34,model=rtl8139" "-net"
domid: 91
qemu: the number of cpus is 1
************************ NETFRONT for device/vif/1 **********

net TX ring size 256
net RX ring size 256
backend at /local/domain/0/backend/vif/92/1
mac is aa:00:00:12:23:34
tap_open(device/vif/1) -> 3
xs_daemon_open -> 5, 0x128a78
Strip off blktap sub-type prefix to /home/shuang/fc6-qcow.img (drv 'qcow')
xs_read(/local/domain/92/device/vbd/768/phantom_vbd): ENOENT
******************* BLKFRONT for /local/domain/92/device/vbd/768 **********

backend at /local/domain/0/backend/tap/92/768

#  /var/log/xen/qemu-dm-fc6-dm.log

[root@vt-sa3 shuang]# cat /var/log/xen/qemu-dm-fc6-dm.log
domid: 92
Warning: vlan 0 is not connected to host network
Strip off blktap sub-type prefix to /home/shuang/fc6-qcow.img (drv 'qcow')
Watching /local/domain/0/device-model/92/logdirty/next-active
Watching /local/domain/0/device-model/92/command
xs_read(): vncpasswd get error.
char device redirected to /dev/pts/10
/root/work/xen/xen-unstable.hg/tools/ioemu-dir/hw/xen_blktap.c:611: Init blktap
/root/work/xen/xen-unstable.hg/tools/ioemu-dir/hw/xen_blktap.c:640: Init blktap
Console: prepared domain, waiting for ringref at /local/domain/92/console or
FB: Waiting for KBD backend creation
Doing backend watch on /local/domain/0/backend/vkbd/92/0
FB: Waiting for FB backend creation
Doing backend watch on /local/domain/0/backend/vfb/92/0
Console: got watch
Console: got ring-ref 291335 port 2 limit 1048576
Console: connected to guest frontend
FB: Waiting for KBD frontend initialization
Doing frontend watch on /local/domain/92/device/vkbd/0
FB: xenfb_backend_created_fb sucessful
FB: Carry on waiting(xenfb_frontend_initialized)

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