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Re: [Xen-devel] Problem with PV disk and iSCSI

On Fri, 2008-02-08 at 22:15 -0800, Kurt Hackel wrote:
> Hi Gary,
> On Fri, Feb 08, 2008 at 02:54:14PM -0500, Gary Grebus wrote:
> > I've run into a problem on 3.1.2 with an HVM guest using PV disks.  In
> > dom0, the physical disk is accessed using iSCSI.  The symptom is that
> > applications in dom0 which are monitoring the iSCSI network interface
> > (e.g. tcpdump) die with EFAULT errors.
> > 
> > 
> We're seeing the same thing with 3.1.3.  When running iscsi in dom0
> (over a xen bridge) presenting these via blkfront to the guest we see 
> the same crash (below) while performing failover tests on the storage
> controller.
> Just as you said, the error occurs in skb_remove_foreign_references from
> loopback_start_xmit.  It's running all the foreign pages, attempting to
> copy each locally when it dies on the source address (esi) of the
> following memcpy:

That's a different failure than I see, but looks like the same
underlying cause.  Our test used a dedicated iSCSI NIC, so netback
wasn't involved.  I haven't looked at how netback handles the mapped

> 115                 vaddr = kmap_skb_frag(&skb_shinfo(skb)->frags[i]);
> 116                 off = skb_shinfo(skb)->frags[i].page_offset;
> 117                 memcpy(page_address(page) + off,
> 118                       vaddr + off,
> 119                        skb_shinfo(skb)->frags[i].size);
> c053f2f7:       0f b7 74 c8 18          movzwl 0x18(%eax,%ecx,8),%esi
> c053f2fc:       0f b7 5c c8 1a          movzwl 0x1a(%eax,%ecx,8),%ebx
> c053f301:       8b 44 24 0c             mov    0xc(%esp),%eax
> c053f305:       e8 ba 09 f1 ff          call   0xc044fcc4  page_address
> c053f30a:       89 d9                   mov    %ebx,%ecx
> c053f30c:       c1 e9 02                shr    $0x2,%ecx
> c053f30f:       8d 3c 30                lea    (%eax,%esi,1),%edi
> c053f312:       03 74 24 04             add    0x4(%esp),%esi
> c053f316:       f3 a5                   rep movsl %ds:(%esi),%es:(%edi)
> <<<<<    memcpy
> ds: 007b esi: c0df7000 es: 007b edi: ebffb000
> It seems one of the skb->frags has been unmapped.
> > I'm thinking blkback will have to make a dom0 copy of the page before
> > doing the unmap if there are still extra references?
> >
> Can the unmap be deferred, handled by the last reference holder?  Or
> does this open up a potential security hole?
When the initial block I/O completes, blkfront is going to remove the
grant, so I think you would have to defer notifying blkfront as well.
That doesn't see workable, since the guest could see the I/O take an
extremely long time, and trigger some timeout.  I think there has to be
a copy made at some point.


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