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[Xen-users] No VMX-guests on Intel Xeon/VT

Hi all,

first thanks a lot for everybody who is reading my posts and thanks a lot for the people who try to help me with my problem.

I know it's hard to work on beta-hardware with beta-technology, with a beta-OS, beta-drivers and a software that just is a x.0.0-release - but I never give up :-))))

>Start the domain with vnc=1 and vncviewer=0. Then execute "vncviewer
>ipaddress:dom_id" or "vncviewer localhost:dom_id" to connect to the
I tried this already before, but I only get "connection refused".

OK, where I am right now:

SuSE Linux 10.1 Beta2 x86-64 with Gnome as desktop on a Dual-Xeon 3,2GHz with dualcore/HT/VT, 4GB RAM with Kernel 2.6.16_rc1_git3-4.

I installed SuSE Linux completely new, I updated XEN to 3.0.1 and my Linux-guests are still working.

But I even don't get running a very simple freedos as vmx-xenU, with
'qemu -hda /data/xen/images/freedos/freedos.dsk -boot c' it is running with Qemu :-((((

I tried all the following on an identical machine with the same results, I also tried it SuSE Linux 10.1 Beta2 i386 without success.

Now I will have a look at SuSE Linux 10.0, but with this the onboard-NICs are not working, so I have to plug in PCI-card.
BTW: SuSE Linux or SLES is a must!

I always use the "xmexample.vmx" as base for my vmx-xenU-guests, there I only adjust the following:

memory = 128
name = "freedos.vmx"
vif = [ 'type=ioemu, bridge=xenbr0' ] # (some times to give a MAC-adr)
disk = [ 'file:/data/xen/images/freedos/freedos.dsk,ioemu:hda,w' ]

Now I start the guest with:

# xm create freedos.vmx

And I get:

  Using config file "freedos.vmx".
  VNC= 1
  vncviewer -listen: Listening on port 11001 (flash port 10901)
vncviewer -listen: Command line errors are not reported until a connection comes in.
  Started domain freedos.vmx

But no VNC-viewer is started!

Trying to connect the server from OS/2, Linux (I also tried it from the XEN 3.0 Live CD) and even Windows results in a 'connection refused' using <xen0-host-ip>:<vm-id> ( or :<5500+vmid> ( and in an error 'ReadFromRFBServer: rd::EndOfStrem' if I connect at and on the xen0-host I get also an error:

  vncviewer -listen: invalid command line argument: -log
  TightVNC viewer version 1.2.9

  Usage: vncviewer [<OPTIONS>] [<HOST>][:<DISPLAY#>]

'xm list' and 'xm top' telling me the following:

# xm list
  Name                              ID Mem(MiB) VCPUs State  Time(s)
  Domain-0                           0     3873     4 r-----   171.7
  freedos.vmx                        1      128     1 -b----     0.0

# xm top
xentop - 19:54:59   Xen 3.0.1
2 domains: 1 running, 1 blocked, 0 paused, 0 crashed, 0 dying, 0 shutdown
Mem: 4186112k total, 4181288k used, 4824k free    CPUs: 4 @ 3192MHz

NAME STATE CPU(sec) CPU(%) MEM(k) MEM(%) MAXMEM(k) MAXMEM(%) VCPUS NETS NETTX(k) NETRX(k) SSID Domain-0 -----r 172 0.0 3965268 94.7 no limit n/a 4 8 8712 158371 0 freedos.vmx --b--- 0 0.0 131356 3.1 131356 3.11 0 0 0 0

No I shutdown the xenU.

As suggested I change in the config:


and start freedos again, 'netstat -nat' doesn't tell me anything new, but anyway I try it, this time with vmid 2 but with the same result as before :-(

Next try is changing the config again:


Now finaly I get a local window open, it shows some BIOS-info, s.th. about booting from harddisk and finally the boot-menu, if I press 1 or 2 the boot-menu disappears and I get only a cursor in the left upper corner (F8) lets me say twice 'Y' the it also stops, and on pressing 3 I get a black, then a blank screen and the window closes :-(

But the xenU-domain is still running:

  Name                              ID Mem(MiB) VCPUs State  Time(s)
  Domain-0                           0     3873     4 r-----   499.3
  freedos.vmx                        7      128     1 -b----     1.2

So I shut it down.

I also created images with VirtualPC/2 (Warp Server and WinXP) and copied them with dd into an image-file, I can start both images with Qemu, well both aren't working really because they are trapping in Qemu, but actually they should do something if started as vmx-domU - but there is no activity at all, no window opens (sdl=1), 'xm list' and 'xm top' say that the OS is running (with status 'b') but CPU is at 0 all the time - configurations are the same than the ones for freedos (exept for memory=512)!

Today I also tried the XEN 3.0-Demo-CD on the machine and it's running.

Does this version also supports Intel/VT as VMX-guests? I could not find the vmxloader in the fs, so probably it isn't integrated?

Thanks very much for your help,

Chau y hasta luego,


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